Small Note:

Another post that I think should be up on top, as I have recently learned the interesting consequences of this blog being live to the entire world at large and all the ships at sea:

Hi! The information herein is posted for reference purposes for the cast and crew of the upcoming show Prohibitive Standards, presented by the Northeast Theatre in Scranton, Pennsylvania. You will mostly find information about the social and cultural history of the United States, predominantly in Scranton, between the years 1923 and 1933.

I am on the dramaturgy staff for the show, and this blog turned out to be the quickest way to spread that information. If anyone other than the folks at Northeast Theatre find it useful, lovely!

However, I may not be posting anything about other periods or other subjects, and as such you may actually not want to bookmark this for future reference (because this could get very narrow very fast).

Thank you for your interest, watch for Prohivitive Standards if you're in Eastern Pennsylvania, and enjoy your day.

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